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Keep Your Customers Entertained with the Charm of Public Wifi | Hem Infotech
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What is Public Wifi?

Public Wifi is the free Wifi that companies offer to their patrons in order to have them stay on the premises for longer durations. Nowadays, quite many companies offer public wifi as a promotional strategy of their business. And you must believe, it works wonders!

Public Wifi is based upon the preference of customers to stay in a wifi enabled venue for a longer period of time, as much as 77%. About 63% of the customers prefer to visit a wifi enabled location when compared with one without it. Because of its ability to retain customers and even make new ones, Public Wifi is highly recommended for all relevant businesses!

How does it Work?

Public Wifi lets the customer use a high-speed wifi connection free of cost, for a specific amount of time.

Technology has been evolving since the introduction of the concept of Public Wifi. It no longer uses the hassle of sending an OTP. Now, customers can use their social media profiles to register themselves and start using these Public Wifi hotspots! This even enables the business to create a separate database of customers, who you can even prompt to like your page as a mode of promotion!

How is it Beneficial for Your Business?

1. Grow Customer Database

When one of your customers uses Public Wifi, it is natural that he/she will prompt others to use it as well. This will result in more and more people signing in to your network and thus, increasing record of people that have visited you. Then you can notify them to like your page!

2. High-level Marketing

Public Wifi takes marketing to the next level. You can target your customers and send them custom notifications. From the next time they are nearby the premises, they will get a prompt to visit. This will increase your chances of returning customers which may become regular in no time!

3. Increase Profit

According to a survey conducted on a variety of businesses, 50% of the customers decided to spend more in wifi enabled premises. This will obviously result in substantial increase in the number of customers and subsequently, profit!

4. Analytics

Offering a Public Wifi can help the businesses accumulate data on browsing patterns, understanding customer behaviour, learning what customer service technique you must apply and a variety of new things. You can also find out a number of daily visitors.

5. Building of Trust

When customers see that businesses do not post anything on their behalf, neither do you alter any of the crucial data, it will strengthen the foundation of trust between you and your customer. Which is always a good thing!

Why Stay Stuck in the Past? Modernize with Public Wifi

The benefits that Public Wifi reaps is much larger than the expense businesses pay. Hem Infotech provides the best kind of Public Wifi fully applicable to your specific company. They use the latest technologies to suggest the kind of Public Wifi that will cost you just half while profiting you just double!

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