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Make Your Business Faster and Lighter with Thin Client | Hem Infotech
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What is Thin Client?

Thin Client is a fan-less and stateless desktop terminal that functions without any hard drive. The best part about Thin Client is that it enables the user to utilise a flash memory to install applications. If using a Thin Client, all kinds of data are safely stored in a separate data centre.

Is your entire office full of desktop computers? You might think that to be a parameter for success but unfortunately, it can turn out to be the opposite. Each of those computers is using up your electricity and internet, while not even being utilised to full potential. This results in an unnecessary increase in costs. But don’t worry, Thin Client is the state of the art way to substantially decrease your power consumptions and increase efficiency!

How does it Work?

Thin Client computing creates a Virtual Desktop Model of computing, using hard drives, virtual software combined with Remote Desktop Protocols. The data is stored and retrieved from hard drives, blades and servers placed in the data centre. Files of even the most sensitive nature are safe to stock on these data centres. Users can access any virtual application or desktop using Thin Client.

How is it Beneficial for Your Business?

There are multiple benefits of incorporating Thin Client in your business:

1. Decreased Power Bills

Since you will be using a Thin Client, it will enable you to access anything using a single desktop. Which means that you don’t need 50 computers to complete one job. The power consumption of one computer will, of course, be considerably lesser than what 50 desktops would use.

2. Increased Management

Not only there is no requirement for IT personnel for fixing of technical problems, you also don’t need to make hardware and software changes on each and every computer. You can simply upgrade/install/uninstall whatever you need from the data centre. The backup of your computer will stay safely at one place.

3. Savings

You will not be required to pay a lot of money that you usually paid, including IT personnel, capital cost, licencing charges, space usage, power bills and so much more. Using Thin Client will thus, only prove highly beneficial for your savings. It can decrease operational and administrative costs as much as 70%.

4. More Secure

Your sensitive data is in safe hands if you use Thin Client. Nobody can copy or transfer any information from the computer. It can only go to and from the server and at no third place. This means you will also stay protected from many malicious software and viruses.

5. More Productive

The setting up of Thin Client doesn’t take too much time and is available for use quickly. Since these desktops don’t need much repair and also don’t wear out that much, they increase productivity significantly.

When are You Getting Thin Client?

Hem Infotech provides all-round assistance in understanding your business needs and then providing the most relevant Thin Client solution designed for you. Leave it to the professionals, contact today!

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