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Taste the Freedom of Internet on this 71st Independence Day | Hem Infotech
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Are you looking for a better way to connect to your customers?

Are you interested in making their waiting period better?

Are you ready to game up and move into a better connected world?

Look no further. You have a chance to do all these and more on this 71st Independence Day.


Let your customers taste the freedom of Internet usage.

What does your customers do while they wait for your service or be attended by your crew? Talk to each other? Read books? No, they are busy looking into their phones, mailing their schedules to their colleagues, chatting with their friends, using the Facebook or even posting pictures online. Why not help them with their activities and thereby keep them occupied until their turn comes up?

Did you know India is the second largest consumer of Internet? Even with only 35% of its population using Internet as of now, the untapped potential is too large to ignore. Now there is a chance for the businesses to harness this to its fullest.

Public wifi is typically providing access to using your Internet services for a specific period. Most wifi networks are secured and protected with passwords to as to avoid its misuse. While the risks of misusing is still high in case of public wifi, it can be reduced thanks to the new technologies. Public wifi networks are now commonly found in most airports, hotels, lounges, restaurants, malls and even bookshops.

Why not take advantage of this technological wonder to keep your customers happy and connected while they are in your offices or in-stores?

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Secured Logins

Using their social accounts and profiles to sign up for your Wi-Fi network makes their internet usage experience much faster and secure for your clients. Many businesses may request your mobile number or email IDs to send the OTP (One Time Password).

Step 2: Connect Socially

Most customers use their Facebook or Google accounts to sign up any services.

Step 3: Interactive Advertising

Typically an advertisement is played or a particular task, for example a tweet or tag about your business, can be added as a requisite to use the internet.

Step 4: Understand Your Customers

The benefits of understanding your clientele cannot be stressed enough. With the data collected through these series of actions could benefit your business demographics.

Benefits of Providing Wifi Access

1. Makes Better Business Sense

According to the recent survey from Accenture, 50% of consumers feel comfortable making a large purchase in-store if Wi-Fi access is available. When you let your customers use your Wi-Fi you are not only helping them stay connected but also enable them have a better and longer service from your business.

2. Understanding Your Customer

A business has to learn the about its customer base and their preferences. What are the offers he is looking for? What are the timings that he chooses to post on social media and is relatively free to engage in shopping? These market research can help us to market our product and services better.

3. Effectiveness of the Advertisement

What makes your ad stand out from the million others? A detail study of the click rate among the users and corresponding ad displayed to them can tell us a lot more. For instance, we will know whether our visually beautiful ad is more effective than an ad based on funny wordplay, based on the age group of the users. This can be achieved by studying their reactions to the advertisements as a pattern.

4. Better Social Reach and Presence

Social presence is almost vital for any business in this age of digital technology. Enabling login through social accounts can directly result in them liking or tagging your business improving your social reach. Who does not want more likes and comments on their business page?

5. Collection of Relevant Data Voluntarily Provided by the Customers

Businesses can collate a data base about their customers easily from the information that their customers provide voluntarily. Some of them like Name, Email ID, Phone number, Birthday, gender etc, which will be very helpful to provide a customized personal service to them. For example sending an automated birthday greetings would make a customer more happy than a mass discount sale letter.

6. Direct Advertisement into their In-Box

The Secure sign-ups provide access to avenues that directly reach the customers’ attention like mobile number or email IDs. Any promotional mailers and offers can be directly communicated to their in-boxes easily.

7. Personalized promotional Offers

Many businesses run contests, giveaways and loyalty programs based on the preferences of their customer base. The customers can avail these in-store only benefits using the Wi-Fi you provide.

Providing the internet service to your customers just not only keeps them happy and occupied but also makes a good business sense. The tiny investment you make today can help you gain multi-fold in a very short time both in terms of money and time.

A happy customer is more important than a sale today, because a happy customer means there is chance to serve or sell to them again in the near future. This statement is highly relevant today when there is a huge pressure from the online shopping world, where one can buy the things they need from their houses.

Tap your potential market by providing them the freedom of using your internet services right away!

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